This page will give you a general layout of the game's menu interface.

Main ScreenEdit

  • Play
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Help & Options
  • Exit Game


  • Single Player
  • Ranked Multiplayer
  • Multiplayer
  • Pro Takedowns
  • Texas Heat Schedule

Single PlayerEdit

Single player has two modes: Standard and Tournament. The game also supports multiple formats, such as: High, High/Low Split A-5, and Low A-5. The betting limit includes "Limit", "No Limit", "Pot Limit", and "Spread Limit".


The leaderboards shows you where you rank either amongst your friends or the entire community of Full House Poker players. Use the X Button to filter between Friends, My Score, and Overall. You can also view the Gamer Card of any player.


  • Lifetime XP
  • Lifetime Bankroll
  • Ranked Play
  • Weekly XP

Help & OptionsEdit

This screen has the typical options available in most games, but the "how to play" section is very useful to new players.

How to PlayEdit

Career StatsEdit





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